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5th CD Studio Album: "Folk 'n' Glory" = £10 plus p&p
2011: The latest addition to the Bleeders CD clan is called "Folk 'n' Glory". It's a rebel rousing anthemic bash of fiddle-punk tunes doused with a liberal sprinkling of mandolin fairy dust. It's got that classic 'live' Bleeders sound...and so it should have as it's a press record, 1,2,3,4 hey ho let's go blitz of an album. It also has the feel and vibe of classic retro lo-fi vinyl so reminiscent of those great 60's and 70's LPs we all love so much. And yup, the songs are pretty darned hot too!

Politics & Love, Sex & Understanding = £5 plus p&p
The album that re-defined Bleeding Hearts as more than just a bunch of fiddle-punk folk meisters. A true concept album in every sense of the word that experiments with folk, rock, punk, hip-hop, reggae and anything else we dared throw in the mix. It received rave reviews in the press and can still put a smile on your face. It proved we were philosophers too, and now that we've dropped the price, there's no excuse not to add it to your CD collection. So go on, we double triple dare you to check it out.
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Folk 'n' Glory CD: £10 plus £1 post & packing = total £11
Politics & Love CD: £5 plus £1 post & packing = total £6

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